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Kristie Wooten-DeGraw, RVP's Overview Call: 760-569-1331
Jayme Boyles, NSD's Overview Call: 760-569-1296

To create your own overview call: www.simplevoicebox.com
ATTENTION: If you are a member of the Freedom at Home Team, please disregard the following tools.  Instead, please visit Step Three of the training site where you will see full instructions on how to set up your Focal Point System which includes the following tools.
Auto Dialer
You will generate more leads using a Lead Capture Page.  You can create a page through www.homestead.com for just $5 per month. Homestead is very user friendly.  You do not need to have web design experience.

Examples of successful capture pages: www.careerandfreedom.com and www.careerandfreedom.com/moms
A Position Overview page is a page dedicated to providing full details about our opportunity to our prospects.  It is a very effective way to provide your prospects with full details prior to speaking with them. 

Jayme Boyles NSD's Position Overview page: www.apcareeroverview.com
Utilizing autoresponders to communicate with your prospects will save you a great deal of time and increase your enrollments.

Recommended Email Marketing system: www.aweber.com